About Ulendo

Habitualising Commitment To Excellence

Ulendo Human Capital Consultancy provides a wide variety of human capital solutions such as HR outsourcing, performance management, organisational training and development and policy and procedure development.

Our primary role is to facilitate identified, necessary change within an organisation in order to enhance the success of the company. Our management, human resources and training services are intended to improve productivity, efficiency, effective communication and employee morale.

Ulendo means “Journey”

Our ideal clients are those who want to make a significant difference in their organisations and in the lives of their employees and customers. The fact is change is the only constant in today’s marketplace, therefore no organisation is immune from almost daily change ― whether in business processes, scope and scale of operations, infrastructure or people strategy and programs. Ulendo is willing to help organisations not only embrace change but grow more robust in the process. We do this by focusing as much on strategy as the daily operational needs of the organisation and its employees. We shape processes and programs that align employee actions and behaviour with business needs and enhance engagement that will improve both business and individual performance.