To achieve and ensure a competitive advantage, it is imperative that businesses operate in line with changes within the market. Proactive and not reactive is the approach. As a strategic solution, businesses must seek to create a sustainable Customer Focused Management Culture which is anchored on a comprehensive understanding of consumers and business customers, and how they are currently served versus their desired expectation. This will help in establishing accurate and relevant:

  • assessments of service quality in the perception of customers,
  • customers’ expectations and perceptions tracking,
  • identification and examination of customer segments and internal service quality assessments

Study upon study indicates that the use of good Customer Relationship Management Techniques is required to profile & know customer’s expectations, tastes and needs.

Business leaders who intend to acquire a competitive edge in their line of work, need to ensure the organisation is defining the level of service they believe is needed. Business leaders also need to constantly audit the customer experience that the organisation currently delivers to make certain it lives up to the expected level.

Application of all the above measures assures that service delivered meets the expectations of the customer. To aid in realising the above Ulendo offers the following facilities, personalised for your business:

  • Customer Service Research and Feedback
  • Mystery Guest/Customer Services
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys