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Our strategy workshops include group exercises to populate a variety of strategic planning tools and models that provide strategic insight and better understanding of strategic issues.

Our Public and Presentation Skills Workshops provide participants with the opportunity to practice the preparation and delivery of formal and informal presentations. Language patterns used in Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistics will be introduced and delegates will be shown how to centre themselves to give them the strength and relaxation needed to speak confidently in public. Opportunities to learn from practical exercises are provided.

  • They will practice to deliver a business presentation with control, professionalism and
  • Overcome nervousness, negative feelings and pre-presentation anxiety.
  • Prepare, rehearse and use notes confidently and appropriately.
  • Be spontaneous whilst putting across the required message.
  • Handle difficult topics and people with confidence.
  • Focus attention on the key issues and generate audience acceptance.
  • Articulate and enunciate words clearly and directly.
  • Use visual aids to enhance the appeal and professionalism of communication.
  • Adapt their approach when communicating with large or small groups.
  • Encourage audience interaction and deal with questions and feedback.

Performance Management Interventions create solutions that alleviate or solve workplace problems. They cause change, small or large, due to improved performance and, thus, have an impact on individuals, groups, or organisations. The number of possible interventions is almost infinite, because any number of organisational, environmental, and people factors affect performance.

Interventions facilitate change by interrupting poor behaviours, preventing errors, reducing conflict, or providing vision for the future. We assist organisations to improve their performance by helping them implement performance management and measurement system at all levels with the organisation.

Whether you are an established business or just starting out, Ulendo Human Capital Consultants are committed to providing payroll solutions personalised to fit your unique needs.

By outsourcing employee payroll and benefits administration to Ulendo, companies significantly reduce the time, costs and hassles, risks and confidentiality issues involved with handling this sensitive in-house process. Ulendo offers a complete menu of payroll services, including weekly payrolls, clearance processing and risk control management.

The past two decades have witnessed a dramatic transformation in how organisations/companies are structured. Tall organisations are becoming flatter as the number of hierarchical levels is being reduced in order to become more effective.

Globally, mergers and acquisitions have reached a new peak but often mergers fail because the cultures and HR systems of the firms which are merged do not coalesce. To be successful, organisational restructuring requires effective management of human resources. For instance, downsizing or flattening of organisations requires careful examination of some issues related to the human resource of the organisation.

Downsizing involves a reduction in a company’s workforce to improve its bottom line. At Ulendo, we make use of a number of methodologies and approaches to facilitate thinking and initiate appropriate actions. Depending on the needs of our clients, we cover the generic inter- relationships based on The McKinsey 7S framework.

  • Strategy
  • Systems
  • Structure
  • Staff
  • Skills
  • Style
  • Shared values

Organisation Development (OD) is a deliberately planned effort to increase an organisation’s relevance and viability. OD is future readiness of an organisation to meet change. It is the framework for a change process designed to lead to desirable positive impact to all stakeholders and the environment. OD is also a lifelong, built-in mechanism to improve immunity of organisation’s health to renew itself inclusive principles.

The purpose of Organisational Development is to address perennial evolving needs of successful organisations. The ultimate aim of OD consultants is to “work themselves out of a job” by leaving the client’s organisation with a set of tools, behaviours, attitudes, and an action plan with which to monitor its own state of health and to take corrective steps toward its own renewal and development.

Outsourcing, also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of hiring another company or individual, either domestically or internationally, to handle business activities for your organisation. It allows your business to focus on core competencies and more importantly, cut costs and improve efficiency.

We provide labour outsourcing services in the following categories:

  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Service (Front Office Personnel, Receptionists,
    Customer Service/ Call/ Contact Centre Agents)
  • Outbound Telemarketing – Telesales
  • Social Media Management
  • Back Office/ Admin Support
  • Accounting and HR Management
  • Marketing and Sales Support


  • Assists the client in managing employees on probation while assessing their competences
  • Makes employees available for specific tasks and for a specified period
  • It is an avenue that can be utilised to avoid retrenchment of employees
  • Minimises disciplinary and labour issues

Why Utilise Us?

  • We have well-managed skilled labour pools from which suitable candidates are derived
  • We have expertise and experience in managing labour related issues
  • We have the capacity to manage casual workers as required by the Labour Act
  • We are empowered to handle all aspects of the client’s workforce (including their payroll functions), thereby allowing clients to focus on their core production business without worrying about extra administrative work
  • We have an accomplished team of human resources practitioners

We organise local and international conferences to deal with current and future business challenges. Our conference speakers are drawn locally, regionally and internationally.

Our coaching and leadership (entry level and executive) training programs have been created to maximise success by enhancing an individual’s natural talents and future capabilities.

Our programs target strengthening an individual’s emotional intelligence skills at work, utilises personality preferences, natural talents and leadership skills.

Mentoring in its most basic form is the transfer of knowledge and experience for mutual benefit. It is one of the most powerful methods of developing skills and talent and has become a cornerstone for growth and efficiency within an organisation.

Ulendo has two main modules in which we assist organisations in setting up coaching and mentoring programmes.

Before finalising a career or career change, we at Ulendo acknowledge the importance for consultation. We encourage individuals, students and corporates to avail through our office, access to consultants on career advice and assessments.

In service marketing, the behaviour of personnel is a crucial element in the brand building process. When a brand is launched/delivered/changes, employees have to adapt their behaviour in order to deliver the new promises of the brand to the customer.

The success of a service brand is closely linked with the behaviour of the employees. Employees are seen as a crucial element in the brand management, since they represent the brand in the interaction with the customer. In the context of services, customers often make no distinction between the person delivering the service and the organisation. Poor staff performance often results in gaps between customer expectations and the brand promise.

At Ulendo, we believe employees have to be enabled to deliver the brand image. They have to know the brand values, need to believe them and act in consistency with the values. This process of enabling is known as the internal branding process.